Download for Free the Electrical Installation Handbook


Chapter 01: General rules of Electrical Installation Design.

Chapter 02: Connection to the MV utility distribution network.

Chapter 03: Connection to the LV utility distribution network.

Chapter 04: MV & LV architecture selection guide for buildings.

Chapter 05: LV Distribution

Chapter 06: Protection against electric shocks and electrical fires.

Chapter 07: Sizing and protection of conductors.

Chapter 08: LV switchgear: functions & selection.

Chapter 09: Overvoltage protection.

Chapter 10: Energy efficiency in electrical distribution.

Chapter 11: Power Factor Correction.

Chapter 12: Harmonic management.

Chapter 13: Characteristics of particular sources and loads.

Chapter 14: Photovoltaic installations.

Chapter 15: Residential premises and other special locations.

Chapter 16: EMC guidelines.

Chapter 17: Measurement.

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