Installation of Lighting Fixtures Method Statement

As lighting fixtures play an essential role in enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of any space, a well-planned and executed installation process is essential.

A comprehensive method statement for installing lighting fixtures will ensure that the installation process is conducted safely, efficiently, and systematically.

This method statement will outline the necessary steps and procedures required to install lighting fixtures, including detailed instructions for handling the fixtures, tools, and equipment needed to complete the installation and safety measures to ensure the well-being of the installation team and other stakeholders.

1.0- Contactor Details

The main contractor will undertake the work.

2.0- Scope of Work

Our total scope of work for lighting Installation and testing, and commissioning in accordance with the project specifications for the satisfaction and approval of the Consultant.

The work shall include not only the system’s major items but all the incidental sundry components necessary, together with the resources for the complete execution of the works and the proper operation of the installation, whether or not these sundry components are stated in detail.

3.0- Programmed Duration of Activity

All activities shall be done in accordance with the approved project schedule.

4.0- Management Structure/Resources and Responsibilities

All the material will be available in the store; work will be done under the supervision of:

Name                                              Designation                                       Mobile

5.0- Communication/Contact Details

Name                                              Designation                                       Mobile

6.0- Method Statement for Installation of Lighting Fixtures at Main Mosque

  • Ensure that the entire installation is in conformance and accordance with the design intent of the project for the electrical system approved by the Consultant and as per approved drawings and comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations and the following project specifications:

  • Before proceeding with the work installation, we will ensure that the consultant approves the drawings and materials and coordinate with other services
  • The material shall be protected as per manufacturer recommendations.
  • After material inspection, it will be released for site activities.
  • MEP Engineer shall coordinate for any discrepancies at the site.
  • Damaged material will be removed from the site after consultation and approval from the concerned person.
  • Setting out will be done on the surfaces according to the approved drawings and shall be coordinated with other services.
  • Ensure all finishing work in all related areas should be completed for the installation area and released /cleared by the civil section to proceed with installing lighting fixtures.
  • Fixtures will be installed rigidly, and supports/hangers will be installed where needed with consideration of manufacturer recommendations
  • All lighting fixtures shall be installed below or follow as approved drawings of all other services like (duct, pipe, tray, and trunkings).
  • Light fixtures shall be installed as per approved shop drawings and materials submittal.
  • All the fixtures should be properly earthed.
  • Strippers will be used to trim the wire’s insulation according to the depth of the wiring device. When connecting two wires in the same terminal, they will be inserted alongside without twisting together.
  • The number of wires inside the conduits (PVC/EMT/RGS/GI/UPVC) will be as per NEC standards and project specifications.
  • Each circuit loop shall be connected to the Circuit Breaker/Panelboard per the approved drawings & project specifications.
  • Wires’ colors shall be in accordance with approved drawings and project specifications.
  • Install the tags /labels per project specifications and approved material submittals.
  • EMT bushing shall be added at all adaptors, and all other accessories shall be added as per project specifications, approved shop drawings, and Electrical standards. Then we will ensure that enclosed fixtures are reasonably insect/dust-tight when installed.
  • The site Engineer will ensure that all wiring works, labeling (including raceways), etc. Are completed and tested with approved IR.
  • Fixtures shall be installed on suitable and safe surfaces according to specifications, manufacturer recommendations, and approved shop drawings.
  • Bulbs’ wattages, sizes, shapes, and light colors shall follow the approved shop drawings, project specifications, manufacturer recommendations, and approved material submittal.
  • Gloves shall be used in work, and care will be taken in fixing the fittings.

7.0- Inspection and Test Plan (and records to be submitted)

  • A visual inspection will be done after the installation of lighting fixtures.
  • All lights shall be measured for lux level at various points where necessary, according to the project specifications.
  • Record all the correct readings as per approved formats, and take corrective measures if the required lux level is not achieved.
  • Normal operation and uniformity of lights will be verified after luminaire installations.
  • Performance tests will be done according to the project specifications.
  • Inspection requests shall be raised for the consultant’s inspection.
  • Inspection request formats will be submitted attached with IFC drawings and any other required documents.
  • Inspection requests will be submitted 24 hours before the inspection date.
  • If the work is unsatisfactory, the work will be rectified, and the inspection request will be resubmitted.   

8.0- Plant and Equipment

  • Standard Electrical Tool Box.
  • Measuring and leveling tools.
  • PVC pipe bending spring.
  • Hand-cutting tools.
  • Markers.
  • Drilling tools.
  • Electrical grinder.
  • Step ladder.
  • Mobile scaffolding.
  • Hand gloves, fall protection Equipment, and other personal equipment (PPE) as necessary.
  • All the measuring equipment, such as the Megger test, Multimeter, and lux meter, shall have a valid calibration certificate.

9.0- Special Scaffold/Access Equipment

Normal scaffolding will be used if required.

10.0- Training and Competency of Personnel (see also 18 below)

  • The work will be carried out with professional and skilled technicians.
  • Truck Drivers will have KSA heavy-duty licenses.
  • Mobile Crane drivers will be certified by Main Contractor Plant and Equipment section.
  • Riggers will be certified by Main Contractor Plant and Equipment section.
  • Scaffolders will be well-trained and certified.

11.0- First Aid and Emergency Arrangements

  • The site team must have a first aid kit at the time of work.
  • The site clinic is also operational as necessary. 

12.0- Advise Any Permits to Work required (e.g., Hot works; confined space; excavation; electrical)

To be assessed at the time of work.

13.0- Environmental Considerations

No special considerations are required.

14.0- Waste Management

Housekeeping shall be done on a daily basis. Solid waste and surplus materials will be treated as per LEED requirements.

15.0- Hazardous Substances – Attach material data sheets

There are no hazardous substances.

16.0- Any Special Storage Requirements

No special storage is required.

17.0- Testing and Commissioning

After successful installation, Inspection Request will be raised.

18.0- Supporting Documents:

  • Risk Assessment.
  • ITP
  • Checklist.

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