Medical Gases in Projects -

In this article, you will know many awesome things about the medical gas systems and their usages in the medical projects.

Firstly, we need to know what the medical gas system is?

The medical Gas System is an assembly of equipment and piping for the installation for the distribution of non-flammable medical gases.

The gases like Oxygen, Compressed Air, Surgical Air, Nitrous Oxide, Medical Vacuum, and Nitrogen…and so on.

We are using the medical gas piping system (MGPS) to provide a safe, convenient, and cost-effective system.

Plus is used for the provision of medical gases to the clinical and nursing staff at the point of use.

MGPS reduces the problems associated with the use of gas cylinders such as safety, porterage, storage, and noise.

These are examples of the medical gas system can be found in projects:

1- Medical Air or (MA).

2- Medical Vacuum or (MV).

3- Oxygen or ( O2).

4- Surgical Air, or Instrumental Air, or (IA).

5- Nitrous Oxide or (N2O).

6- Nitrogen or (N2).

7- Entonox or (N2O/O2).

8- Waste Anesthetic Gas Disposal/ Evacuation or (WAGD/ EVAC).

9- Carbon Dioxide or (CO2).

10- Dental Air or (DA).

11- Dental Vacuum or (DVAC) or (DV).

12- Laboratory Compressed Air or (LCA).

13- Laboratory Vacuum or (LVAC).

14- Heliox or (HE/O2).

How to feed the medical gases to a building?

The medical gases are pumped by a source to the final outlet in a building.

These final outlets exist in a BHU (Bed head unit), or in a medical pendant either this pendant inside an operating room or in a patient room,… on.

Medical Gases in Projects -
Medical Gas systems

Photo for Bed head Unit
Photo for a ceiling-mounted medical pendant.
Photo for Area control unit of Gas Management System

Tagging of Medical Gas pipes
So, we will talk in brief about an example of these medical gas systems which is Oxygen.

Oxygen gas can be pumped to the building through one of these systems:

1- By using a big source for liquefied Oxygen like Vacuum Insulated Evaporator (VIE).

2- By a cylinder contains liquefied Oxygen.

3- From a cylinder contains a pressurized Oxygen gas.

4- Or, from a generation station for Oxygen, like an Oxygen concentrator or “Pressure Swing Absorber”.

where this system is being used when the cost of the upper systems is very expensive, or unavailable, or unpractical to be installed.

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